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<Develop effective IP partnership by IP license collaboration>

According to our experience, facilitating and establishing a successful IP partnership promotion program is not easy task, the selection and negotiating process takes very long time, it contains not only lots of terms and conditions or requirements we have to match and should be accepted by both parties, hence, we need to match the DNA of both parties The most important is the potential partners are better able to strengthen the IP images and strategies to gain tremendous marketing results in terms of brand images and sales boosting.  

Matrix is experienced to line up with IP licensors to manufacture licensed gifts, limited edition crossover products and licensed crossover products, we can support on IP selections and negotiation at the primary stage, we can also support on drafting licensing proposal to get basic approval by Licensors for the potential licensing promotion program We have established good relationship with different IP licensors, therefore we can provide advises how to match your marketing theme and promote your brand effectively by our suggested licensed products (Licensed merchandises/ GWP/ PWP)  

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Our Licenses services includes:

  • Licensed IP promotion program
  • Licensed products production
  • Licensed products distribution 


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