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Sanrio Licensing service :

Matrix is great to announce the new business partnership with Sanrio short term promotion team, Matrix is authorized to promote Sanrio characters and licensing services, we help our customers applies Sanrio’s characters to their promotion gifts including PWP/GWP and merchandises. We can purchase Sanrio’s license to make your promotion gifts more interesting and appealing to your end customers more effectively


Licensing Gift strategy :

Short term promotions :


Our showcases :

Bossini - bossini Sanrio聯乘 6大人氣角色春日潮物

Bosinni well use the Sanrio characters – Hello Kitty, Little twinstar, to promote their brand, increase brand awareness by using different marketing tools, including trucking roadshow, invite KOL to promote their theme and develop wall game and engagement program on social media platforms, the most important is the creative gifts, need to be unique, customized can attract the customers.  It is a very challenge project for us to generate gift idea because the gift must be included three elements, Playful, Useful and Keen on Sanrio Cartoon.  Our creative team and sales team finally came out the board game concept for client, client much appreciated with the game “Twister 扭扭樂”. The gift set is included 3 parts, (1) Felt blanket – keep warm (2) Dice – as a cushion (3) gift box – for storage. Finally total 400x gift set were sold out in the collection launch date


Sony Mobile Communication - 送Hello Kitty及梳乎蛋限量版禮品 Xperia Z5 Premium粉鑽色即將登場

Sony Mobile well use the Sanrio characters, Hello Kitty and Gudetama to promote their new Xperia Z5 premium smartphone on last summer, they finally adopted limited edition foldable umbrella, non woven shopping bag and customized smartphone protective case for their promotion campaign in 3 months runs, gained lots of free media coverage 
Their marketing campaign was very successful because they used appropriate Sanrio characters to attract the lady and youngsters markets, fast market penetration, increase brand awareness and rapid drive sales 


YATA - -全球第一間YATA & Hello Kitty pop up supermarket西環開店

Yata produced a series of Hello Kitty lifestyle gifts and sell in their new branch.  Sanrio developed customized Hello Kitty for Yata to corporate with Yata opening promotion as well as lots of promotion greeting elements . Apart of these, Sanrio also supported in Mascot and figuring during their promotion campaign 
Their marketing campaign was very successful because they gain a lots of free media reporting, press release and public sharing through social medial channel, increase brand awareness 

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