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Power bank

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Solove power bank 20,000mAh-A8
Solove power bank 10000mAh-Air
Solove power bank 10000mAh-A9
Mipow Power Cube 4500-SPL08
Mipow Power Cube 9000-SPL09
Acrylic LED lights portable mobile power 4000mAh
Mipow PowerCube5200M-SP5200M
Mipow PowerCube5200-SP5200L
Mipow Power Tube 5200-SPM04
Mipow Juice Sync 5200 - SPL05
Mipow Power tube 3000-SPL06
Solove power bank 8000mAh-S1
Solove power bank 10000mAh-F1
Crystal slim portable power bank 4000mAh
Slim portable power bank3000mAh
Dobble 2 way powerbank 3000MAH Blue-P324.305
Leather style portable power bank7800mAh(2.1A)
Leather style portable power bank5200mAh(2.1A)
Power bank with LED handle 4000mah
Mirror case power bank 6000mah
Dobble 2 way powerbank grey-P324.303

Dobble 2 way powerbank grey-P324.303


Portable mobile power bank 5200mAh
Mobile stand portable mobile power 10400mAh
Foldable LED light portable mobile power 10400mAh
USB battery pack (Power bank 13000mAh)
Portable mobile power 3500mAh
Mirror portable mobile power 3000mAh
Round shape portable power bank 3000mAh
Leather style portable power bank5000mAh
Inserted paper Portable power bank4000mAh
Custom shape portable power bank 3000mAh
Showing 73 to 108 of 193 (6 Pages)

A Quality Corporate Gift – Branded Power Banks For HK Businesses

In the 21st century, you can’t afford to be without your phone. Give your customers, clients and colleagues an extremely practical gift they will use forever with our corporate power bank gifts. With some models offering multiple additional charges, you will be able to give an on-brand gift the will always keep in their bag. Show that you are a forward-thinking company and give the gift of technology. Suitable for Android and iOS devices and available in a wide range of capacities and physical sizes, you’ll never have trouble giving these away.

Tailor made for your business

Our entire range of electronic, digital and IT gifts is able to be customised in your preferred colours and engraved with your branding or company logo. Apart from gaining brand exposure, this can also increase the value of the company’s brand. Whether computer accessories, mobile phone cases, USB devices or anything else, you’ll be able to give a gift that people will use every day. With the wide variety of devices available on the market, ensuring that you have a broad, ready supply of gifts means you’ll always have something on hand for a customer, regardless of what operating system they use.

From mobile phone sports arm band to power banks, stands, USB cables, Bluetooth speakers and more, we have all the mobile device gifts you could ever need. Each mobile gift has its unique selling points and features, so invest in a selection and cover all of your bases. GiftU always advises clients to consider the target customers' habits and needs, in order to ensure your gift will be appreciated by end users.

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