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Bespoke Licensed Monopoly gameboard

Available here in Hong Kong and Singapore

Corporate limited edition | Monopoly gameboard


yesTarget to the Group but only brand –  brands collaboration with all brands which is under the Group.

yesFor retails, put your own Monopoly in your store, located in front door, to attract people whom is coming in.

yes​Pop-up store & Display showroom – to selling your own Monopoly.

yes​Most creative event – you can use the Monopoly to telling your company story , culture or milestone. Best way to make your customer fall in love with your brand.

yes​Online & Offline store , shipping to global – Monopoly is a best entertainment activity for staycation. Also highly demanded within COVID-19.

yes​Redeems tokens – loyalty card, membership redemption, store promotion (spend $xxxx to get a free Monopoly gameboard)

yes​Company Anniversary – staff gift, staff award(Best Employee Award,Long Service Award etc), giveaway, guest gift, media gift, souvenir(making your gameboard very ”exclusive” .

yes​Media Coverage – send to medias, celebrities , KOLs, or influencers, it will be a huge exposure to your branding.

yes​Online promotion – using social media platform to exposure your Monopoly like giveaway, lucky draw. It’s very attractive event.

yes Yearly & Seasonal Campaigns – Christmas, Chinese New year or Annual sales.


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Available here in Hong Kong and Singapore

Deluxe Monopoly Edition | Monopoly gameboard

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