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Nylon Luggage Belt with US password lock

  • Name:

    Nylon Luggage Belt with US password lock

  • Model: MOG-LT-1011
  • Description:

    The length of the luggage belt is adjustable, suitable for luggage of different sizes. Luggage belt with a password lock can protect your luggage well, which keeps your luggage safe and sound.
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    - Luggage belt length can be adjusted
    - Closely linked to a variety of luggage secure and protect your luggage in transport handling process will not spread.
    - Luggage lock with password, you can lock the strap can not easily be opened.
    If you use a suitcase full of goods after packing tape, there are four advantages:
    - Easy to find your luggage immediately at the airport conveyor belt
    - If the goods are relatively heavy, packing tape, then there can be easy to handle
    - Can play a security role to some extent
    Lock Instructions for use:
    1, the lock factory password is 0-0-0. The tray is placed 0-0-0 password position and aligned with the reference line.
    2, according to both sides snap into the hold, toggle wheel password set a new password
    3. Release the button, then your new password is set to complete the
    4, please remember well your new password, if you need another password reset, repeat the above steps.

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Product Details
MOQ : 300pcs
Product Size : Buckle: 10x6.5x2cm Luggage belt: 5.5cm x 190cm L
Material : PC+Nylon
Color : Different color available
Logo Printing : Silk-screen Logo available
Product Packing
G.W. :
Individual Packing : opp bag/pc
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