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Lantern Combination One Pot Two Cups Tea Set-Wristcheck

  • Name:

    Lantern Combination One Pot Two Cups Tea Set-Wristcheck

  • Model: MC-MB-50008
  • Description:

    The concept is derived from the red lantern, which is both festive and practical, conveying good wishes and hopes.
    The products are combined to form a lantern. It is convenient for storage and also has a beautiful display.
    It is positioned as a portable combination tea set. It consists of a large cup (pot), tea filter (including tea filter pad), two tasting cups, and a portable storage bag. The integrated design idea makes the product not only practical and portable, but also has a beautiful meaning.
    The agate red glaze, which is derived from the texture of lacquerware, is fired at a high temperature above 1300°, with only a 60% yield, bringing a lustrous texture that is one in a million. After analyzing the hand shape data, the optimum pot body diameter is determined to be 76mm. The perfectly round body design is suitable for both left and right hands. 22mm wide and thick food-grade silicone ring, scientific heat insulation, precise fine texture design. With care, it is easy to hold and prevent scalding.
    The utility model patent structure design brings the ultimate use experience in a very small volume. Although the weight is only less than 0.5kg, it is fully equipped, which can easily solve the problem of making tea and give a sense of ritual in life.

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