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Smart with Three Temperature Settings Cup Set-Fitch

  • Name:

    Smart with Three Temperature Settings Cup Set-Fitch

  • Model: MH-SH-50013
  • Description:

    The coffee cup warmer can slow down the cooling speed of hot beverage.Three modes can be chosen :50℃、55℃、60℃.The Electric Beverage Warmer makes you enjoy at your leisure.
    Our coffee cup warmer is suitable for ceramic tableware, stainless steel cup, mug, milk box, glass cup, etc. (Plastic cups cannot be used for heating.)The warming effect of different materials is different,it works best with a flat bottom ceramic or glass mugs.And the effect will be improved with a cover on.
    The coffee cup warmer will turn off automatically if it works 8 hours continuously without any operation.So you don't have to worry about forgetting to turn it off after work or go out.
    Coffee cup warmer meeting the full range of modern family needs, coffee cup warmer keeps suitable temperature for coffee, milk, water and other beverages all day long! Products are small stylish,great enough satisfy the user's needs and keeping warms.You can use it on the office desk or anywhere that you can plug it.
    Input voltage and current:5V/2A
    output voltage and current:5V/3A
    Output Power:12W
    USB port: 1 USB
    Power: 12W
    Input Voltage: 5V

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