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Designer Gift

Customized Souvenir

Brand's souvenir products are easily to gain fondness from brand supporters due to its scarcity thus boosts up sales within limited period. Therefore, having a series of commemorative gifts is the most efficient and direct way to increase sales and disseminate the distinctive image of the brand.

Matrix used to design and order commemorative products for different brands. Our years of expertise allow us able to sort out different product varieties, designing souvenirs and quality management. We aim to create decent and high value souvenirs for customers and promote brand image at the same time.


Please contact or 3620 3843 for more details.


Souvenir Series:

「The World of Tim Burton」Exhibition in Hong Kong

American famous director Tim Burton’s “The World of Tim Burton” roadshow created a lot of buzz in Hong Kong. GiftU is highly honored to produce large number of iconic commemorative products for their souvenir shop. The project produced souvenirs such as paper towels, calendars, pillows, mugs and other souvenirs in a variety of classic characters such as Corpse Bride, Balloon Boys, and Toxic Boys. Especially the beautifully designed black-and-white tea set was a decent collection appealed to many girls.


Calbee X Hot & Spicy Potato Chip Cushion

To celebrate 1st anniversary of Calbee+ Hong Kong flagship store, Calbee+ launched Hong Kong limited Jagabee Hot & Spicy French Fries. GiftU made the eye-catching giant cushion which is create viral among social and also attracts potato chip lover to exchange gift with purchase.