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XD Design x Viraloff protection reusable mask
Ranger EDC 10-in1 Multi-tool-BrandCharger
3 in 1cable

3 in 1cable


PopCandle Wireless Power Bank 10000-PD
Desktop Accessories Picasso Eco - BrandCharger
MiLi mobile phone disinfection kit
Desk Accessories - Qube-​BrandCharger
XD Design Wood multitool mini P221.379
XD Design Wheat Straw 5000 mAh Pocket Powerbank P322.139
XD Design Wheat straw 3W mini speaker P328.709
XD Design Reusable bamboo drinking straw set 6 pcs P269.529
XD Design Ontario 5W wireless charger with speaker P308.873
XD Design Ontario 5W wireless charger with pen holder P308.853
XD Design Ontario 3-in-1 retractable cable P302.873
XD Design Leak proof bamboo vacuum bottle P436.239
XD Design Eco-friendly A5 kraft notebook P773.955
XD Design ECO cork secure RFID slim wallet P820.879
XD Design Eco cork notebook P773.925

XD Design Eco cork notebook P773.925


XD Design Eco cork notebook P773.921

XD Design Eco cork notebook P773.921


XD Design Cork small vacuum coffee mug P432.261
XD Design Cork leakproof vacuum flask P433.281
XD Design Bogota vacuum bamboo coffee mug P432.289
XD Design Bamboo wireless headphone P329.169
XD Design Bamboo wireless charger speaker P329.179
XD Design Bamboo vacuum travel flask P433.329
XD Design Bamboo tumbler P432.309

XD Design Bamboo tumbler P432.309


XD Design Bamboo stylus pen P610.509

XD Design Bamboo stylus pen P610.509


XD Design Bamboo coffee to go tumbler P432.339
XD Design Bamboo 5W wireless charger with 3 USB ports P308.459
XD Design Bamboo 5W Wireless Charger P308.769
Aluminum Phone Stand - Rise-​BrandCharger
Showing 1 to 36 of 763 (22 Pages)

Branded Gifts

GiftU is the HK gift company and sole distributor of various designer brands in Hong Kong and Macau, Netherlands brand XD Design and innovative electronics brand Mipow, had a history of winning different design awards such as Red Dot Award and Good Design Award. Branded Gifts' features are their product design has been very attractive, simple colors coupled with unique features and at affordable prices. Customers can also benefit from the stock availability, in stock in our warehouse, we can deliver custom gifts within 10 days including custom print logo. Our branded gifts also welcome small order, increase your cost flexibility.

At the end of 2016, GiftU also authorized distribution right by Swiss Premec, Swiss made promotion pen and BrandCharger, the mobile innovation & techology brand from Netherland.  GiftU is your best choice when considerating gift planning, we will keep our path to explore more innovative gifts, we provide fabulous gift ideas to our privilege customers who can benefit from our professional services and increased the brand value.