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Electronic gifts

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TWS Bluetooth Earphone 2219
Lavalier wireless microphone for type-c
Lavalier wireless microphone for iPhone
Wireless Charger 15W Fastcharger
Wheat Straw Square Speaker
Wheat Straw Speaker HSK-M177
Wheat Straw Speaker HSK-M15
Wander Plus 4 In 1 Travel Adapter
TWS Bluetooth Earphone
Stack PD + Wireless 10000mAh Powerbank
Space Capsule Hanging Neck Fan
Plank Type-C 6000mAh Powerbank
Outdoor Carabiner USB Handheld Fan
Mini Power Bank with Cables
Leafless Hanging Neck Small Fan
Leafless Handheld Fan

Leafless Handheld Fan


IDMIX Multifunctional Building Block Charger
IDMIX Mini Pocket Hanging Neck Fan
IDMIX 15W Magnetic Wireless Charger
Gummy Plus 10000mAh Powerbank
Four-in-one TWS Bluetooth Headset
Fill Light Fan

Fill Light Fan


Conversion socket PD 20W TYPE C+10W USB
Cargo True Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
Camera Look Neck Band Fan
BELT iWatch Straps

BELT iWatch Straps


Beans Pro Active True Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
Beans Air True Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
Beans + True Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
Bamboo Speaker

Bamboo Speaker


Bamboo and Wood Lantern Speaker
Wireless Bluetooth Speaker LED Portable
Power Wireless Charging- luminous logo 6000mah
Power Wireless Charging- luminous logo 10000mah
Showing 1 to 36 of 713 (20 Pages)

IT and Digital

Electronic, digital and IT including computer accessories gifts, mobile phone accessories gift, USB gifts and other IT gifts. The hottest gifts of this category are mobile phone accessories which is benefited to social trends of new technology development.

Nowadays the citizen has one or more than one mobile phone averagely, so a wide range of mobile phone accessories are well developed (mobile phone sports arm band, mobile power bank, mobile phone stand, mobile USB, Bluetooth speakers, etc.), each mobile gift has its unique selling points and features.

Clever marketers discovered the huge public demand, therefore mobile phone accessories have become one of the most popular corporate gifts and promotion gifts. Corporate customers imprint their brand logo into the mobile phone accessories gift. Except gaining brand exposure, it also increases their company brand value.

GiftU always advise clients to consider target customers' habits and needs, in order to make a perfect gift appreciated by end users.