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XD Design

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XD Design X British Museum Anti-Theft Travelbag
XD Design Packing Cube Luggage storage bag P760.061
Swiss Peak duffel backpack (P775.202)
XD Design Slim design Bamboo Pen P610.569
XD Design Bamboo Pen P610.329

XD Design Bamboo Pen P610.329


XD Design Vino Connoisseur 4pc set P911.032
XD Design UV-C steriliser vacuum stainless steel Bottle P436.643
XD Design Pocketsize reusable cutlery set on-the-go P269.542
XD Design Lockable infuser bottle P436.543
XD Design Classic two tone toiletry bag P703.021
XD Design Bamboo measuring tape 5M/19mm P113.281
XD Design X6 pen P610.861

XD Design X6 pen P610.861


XD Design Bamboo 5 in 1 toolpen P221.549
XD Design X9 solid pen with silicone grip P610.825
XD Design Trend leakproof vacuum bottle P436.687
XD Design Toiletry Bag P703.061

XD Design Toiletry Bag P703.061


XD Design Tierra cooler sling bag P422.347
XD Design Tierra cooler backpack P733.085
XD Design Tierra 2pcs straw and cutlery set in pouch P269.557
XD Design Tech Pouch ‎Storage bag P788.011
XD Design Stainless steel camp mug P432.447
XD Design Simplistic antimicrobial coffee tumbler P432.097
XD Design Recycled leather hardcover notebook A5 P774.202
XD Design PP lunchbox with spork P269.592
XD Design PP lunchbox with bamboo lid & spork P269.611
Showing 1 to 36 of 437 (13 Pages)

Branded Gifts

XD Design is a design led gift brand. The company was founded in 1986 in The Netherlands.

Giving a gift creates a stronger bond between people. When chosen and presented well, gifts work like nothing else. When the perfect gift is given, often the receiver beams with the phrase, “how thoughtful”. When given an XD Design item, this phrase is expressed long before the point at which the gift is given. A gift from XD Design is a gift that you would enjoy to give. A gift you would be happy to receive, and gladly use in everyday life. I want to delight through thoughtful gifts.

How thoughtful is the designer to create features that increase the ease and delight of using everyday products. How thoughtful is the decision to make a positive impact on our environment. How thoughtful is it to create a collection of gifts that are both desirable and accessible. How thoughtful is the ability to personalize all XD Design products.

XD Design: How thoughtful!

GiftU is the sole distributor of XD Design in Hong Kong and Macau since 2014, we are delighted to provide all-rounded custom gift solutions and proposal to corporate customers as well as gift agents in Hong Kong and Macau. We also provide custom logo imprint solutions and technical supports on different XD Design products