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Verbatim 5 Port 5.6A Travel Adaptor
Universal travel adapter Type-c
Verbatim 2 Port 36W QC 3.0 USB Charger
Cork Wireless Charging Phone Holder
USB Stick Memoria Externa
USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive


Rubik's Mobile Charging Cable Set 3-in-1
Rubik's Mini USB Drive
OTG Type C with Wood USB Flash Drive
Magnetic Wireless Charging Power Bank 5000mah
Bamboo Charging Cable Light up Logo 3 in 1
Bamboo Charging Cable 5 in 1
Bamboo Charging Cable 3 in 1
2 in 1 USB 3.0 Type C Flash Drive
Push Eternity Pencil

Push Eternity Pencil


Phone Strap Adapter Lany Lite  - BrandCharger
Momo Design Wall Charger with 3 Adaptors
Momo Design Type-C Quick Charger + 3 in 1 Cable
Mobile accessories Lumi - BrandCharger
Magsafe Magnetic Suction Ring Buckle
Magnetic Metal Finger 360° Ring Buckle Holder
Verbatim USB-C 3.1 Hub
Verbatim USB 3.2 Gen1 6-in-1 Card Reader Space
Verbatim Silent Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo
Verbatim Qi 10W Wireless Charging Pad
Verbatim PD 3.0 18W 10000mAh Power Bank
Showing 1 to 36 of 1425 (40 Pages)

IT and Digital

Electronic, digital and IT including computer accessories gifts, mobile phone accessories gift, USB gifts and other IT gifts. The hottest gifts of this category are mobile phone accessories which is benefited to social trends of new technology development.

Nowadays the citizen has one or more than one mobile phone averagely, so a wide range of mobile phone accessories are well developed (mobile phone sports arm band, mobile power bank, mobile phone stand, mobile USB, Bluetooth speakers, etc.), each mobile gift has its unique selling points and features.

Clever marketers discovered the huge public demand, therefore mobile phone accessories have become one of the most popular corporate gifts and promotion gifts. Corporate customers imprint their brand logo into the mobile phone accessories gift. Except gaining brand exposure, it also increases their company brand value.

GiftU always advise clients to consider target customers' habits and needs, in order to make a perfect gift appreciated by end users.