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Notos 2200mAh window solar charger (P323.833)
Solar tree charger (P280.132)
Tovo set solar torch & multitool blue (P238.153)
Swiss Peak outdoor solar charger (P323.941)
Sun Solo solar charger (P323.013)
Tab solar charger stand (P323.203)
Sol travel charger (P323.103)
Sunshine solar charger (P323.003)
solar window charger (P280.142)
Solar sunflower (P323.233)
Port solar charger orange (P323.148)
Port solar charger lime (P323.147)
Port solar charger Grey (P323.140)
Port solar charger cerise (P323.149)
Port solar charger blue (P323.145)
Nab solar charger (P323.023)
Ginkgo solar tree (P323.113)
Showing 1 to 17 of 17 (1 Pages)

Green gifts

Want to give gifts that your customer will love while still caring about the environment? Giving green gifts is about more than just choosing a sustainable product. There are lots of ways to give gifts that can help your customers to be more environmentally conscious or that don’t require buying any items at all. Your company image and value will be enhanced due to your concern about environment.  Check out these ideas from our gift guide to get you on your way to a happy (and green) life. Huskware is our hot green gifts from our collections, it is made of biodegradable corn material, well known certificates assured, you can select from their all rounded kitchen ware gifts, with personalized logo and packaging, it is a good gift choice on your gift plan.