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JAKCOM HC2 Wireless thermostat ceramic cup
Stainless Steel Coffee Mug with Lid 12oz
Smart with Three Temperature Settings Cup Set
Wheat Straw Double Lid Straw Cup
Storage Travel Tea Set One Pot Two Cup Set
Stainless Steel Straw Coffee Mug 700ml
Stainless Steel Insulated Straw Mug 12oz
Stainless Steel Coffee Mug with Lid 14oz
Smart Constant Temperature Coaster 55°
Plastic Studded Grid Durian Cup
French Press Coffee Mug
Color Changing PP Cup 710ml
Stainless Steel Coffee Cup 420ml
PO Smart Thermometer Mug 470ml - Letter
PO Smart Thermometer Mug 260ml - Letter
PO Glass Tea Cup 350ml
PO Glass Strainer Tea Cup 350ml
PO Coffee Cup Maker Set
Stainless Steel Coffee Cup 300ml
Portable Fresh-keeping with Cover Ceramic Bowl
Ice cream Silicone Water Bottle 500ml
Coffee Cup 14OZ

Coffee Cup 14OZ


Rivers Stout Air Cup 400ml
Rivers Stout Air Accompanying Cup 1000ml
MiiR Camp Cup 16OZ

MiiR Camp Cup 16OZ


MiiR LowBall Stainless Steel Bottle 10oz
MiiR Highball Stainless Steel Bottle 14oz
Double-layer Lighting Coffee Cup
Double layer Cold Brew Coffee Cup
Showing 1 to 36 of 185 (6 Pages)

HK’s Most Extensive Range of Corporate Mug Gifts

From that first sip of morning coffee to the last cup of tea in the evening, make your brand a part of people’s day. The GiftU range of mugs and cups is offered in a variety of sizes, colours and materials, and are ready to be branded with your unique design and logo.

Make your next conference or seminar just a bit more special by providing unique, event-specific mugs for refreshments, or show your appreciation for your clients by including them as part of a larger gift. Many of our customers also provide branded mugs to staff, for use in on-premises kitchen facilities.

We also offer a range of speciality items including fondue sets, dessert dishes and Chinese tea pot sets, and some kooky variations on classics like thermoreactive colour-changing cups and our 45-degree freestanding ceramic mugs. Whatever you’re looking for, find it at HK’s leading corporate gift supplier. 

Your branding, your gift, your way

A stunning gift every time that everyone will appreciate, the GiftU range of bottles, flasks and mugs gives your brand unparalleled exposure in your clients’ day to day lives. The perfect choice for any forward-thinking company, our range will put your brand where it will be seen multiple times a day, every day.

Our range helps you take advantage of the growing drive towards healthier lifestyles. With big name brands like Adidas and Nike selling more sports-focused products than ever before, isn’t it time your business made the smart decision and capitalised on this new trend? To help you make the most of this opportunity, GiftU offers an extensive range of products ideal for hiking, running, or hitting the gym. Take hot drinks with you wherever you go with our insulated range of cups and flasks, or cool down the smart way after a workout with our range of water bottles. Inject your brand into your clients’ everyday lives and see the difference some smart, targeted brand exposure can make.

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Make the smart move and invest in branded products for your business. Give a gift that benefits both you and your customers and buy from GiftU.